Mexico City — Sakya Dolma Ling

Sakya Centro de Budismo, Ciudad de Mexico

Sakya Dolma Ling Buddhist Center was founded in Mexico City in 2005 by Lama Jampa Thaye. The center is located in the Coyoacan area of Mexico City and has a full program of Buddhist meditation classes and teachings in Mexico City.

Please note that due to various government prohibitions at this time some activities will be temporarily suspended or held online. Please check the local centre website for current class programme. Listings for Dechen online groups and classes can be found here.

For more information please email us at or visit our website.

Our center is located at: Dechen Mexico, Moctezuma 33, Col. del Carmen Coyoacán, México, D.F., 04100.

We host teachings by Lama Jampa Thaye and other visiting teachers during the year, please contact us for more information. The Center was blessed to host teachings by both HH 41st and 42nd Sakya Trizin in recent years. The center is administered by Sakya Dolma Ling, Budismo Sakya de Mexico, AC

Meditation and Buddhism Classes in Mexico City


Sakya Buddhist Center has a wide range of group meditation and study groups:


6:45am-8:00am – Puja of White Tara of the Wish fulfilling Wheel (all in Spanish)

7:00-8:00pm –  Study of the King of Aspiration Prayer and Drakpa Gyaltsen’s commentary


8:00am-8:50am –Chenrezik Thangtong Gyalpo Puja (in Tibetan)

9:00-10:00am – Study group – Lama Jampa’s Patterns in Emptiness: Understanding Dependent Origination in Buddhism

12:00-1:00pm: Study and practice of the Six Perfections

7:30pm-9:00pm: Introduction to Buddhism

9:00-10:00pm: Chenrezik Thangtong Gyalpo Puja  (in Tibetan)


11:15am-12:15pm: Green Tara Puja (some parts in Spanish, some parts in Tibetan)