HH 17th Karmapa

17th Karmapa

‘Timeless Happiness is gained from understanding our own inherent qualities, such as compassion and loving kindness, and gaining wisdom about our true nature. When we reflect on the nature of this type of happiness, we find something unchanging, permanent – and therefore worthwhile to seek.’

Thaye Dorje The 17th Karmapa

Born 1983 in central Tibet
As the Head of the Karma Kagyu School of Buddhism His Holiness the 17th Karmapa Thaye Dorje has many responsibilities. These extend beyond a world-wide busy schedule of dharma teachings, where the Karmapa supports the welfare of hundreds of monastic communities and lay practitioners. Another role of the Karmapa is patron of SABA an umbrella body that greatly helps with many varied charitable projects. This includes the provision of an education for primary and secondary school children and the invaluable work supporting the preservation of the Karma Kagyu fine arts, ensuring this heritage is protected and continues long into the future.

The Karmapa is welcomed around the world to give teachings and the Yorkshire Buddhist Community are very proud to be part of the Karma Kagyu tradition so in the summer of 2012 we had the great privilege of hosting a visit by him to Harrogate.

Married to Sangyumla Rinchen Yangzom with a young son Thugsey, his unwavering commitment to helping all beings is of course much vaster than what is presented here, so for a fuller more detailed picture of the work of His Holiness the 17th Karmapa please do visit his website.

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