Clifton Buddhist Meditation Group

Classes in Buddhism and Meditation in Clifton

Please note, this class is on hold and there are Zoom meditation classes instead – please email for details

Find out more about Buddhism and learn a simple meditation technique every Thursday evening at 8.00pm at Bristol University Multifaith Chaplaincy.

What is meditation?
“Meditation is a way of cultivating a correct perception of what it is to be alive. From the Buddhist point of view, suffering originates in our mistaking what is the nature of our mind, what is the nature of the world. So, to meditate is, in a sense, to clarify things. To come to appreciate each moment as it really is.” Lama Jampa Thaye.

Sessions are run by Simon and Aurielle from the Sakya Buddhist Centre in St Andrews. Experienced Buddhist practitioners themselves, Simon and Aurielle are students of internationally renowned Buddhist teacher, Lama Jampa Thaye, one of the very few Westerners authorised to teach all levels of Buddhism.

There is no fee but all donations towards the running costs of the Sakya Buddhist Centre gratefully accepted.

Clifton Buddhist Meditation Group

Bristol University Multifaith Chaplaincy
1 Woodland Road

t: 07809 674