Teachings in LA

Lama Jampa visited Los Angeles last year on December 15th for a week full program of teaching, initiations and appointments with students.

The Buddhist teachings commenced on Saturday 17th December with the ‘Liberation through Hearing in the Bardo’. This teaching is a short treasure text by Chogyur Dechen Lingpa on achieving realization in the intermediate state. The teaching had a lot of interest from people new to Buddhism, who asked many questions on how these bardo teachings could be applied to their particular lives and certain circumstances.

In the afternoon Lama Jampa gave the initiation of Chenrezik Mahamudra from the Sakya tradition.

The following day Lama Jampa resumed teaching from the Rain of Clarity, continuing the section on the six perfections, covering patience, effort and meditation.

The next Wednesday 21st of December Lama Jampa gave the initiation of White Tara from the lineage of Shakyashribadra. Shakyashri was very famous teacher from Kashmir who went to Tibet in the year 1204 and gave many teachings to Sakya Pandita of the Sakya school.