Lama Jampa Thaye teaches in California

IMG_0386Lama Jampa has just returned from his autumn teaching tour of California. This was a busy visit which saw him teach in both Los Angeles and San Francisco.
Lama Jampa and family arrived in Los Angeles on Friday October 25 and were greeted by members of the Sakya Samten Ling sangha.

The teachings on the Saturday were hosted by Sakya Samten Ling; Lama Jampa taught the celebrated text, the Eight Verses of Mind Training and bestowed the initiation of Chenrezik Mahamudra, as well as bestowing refuge upon new sangha members.

The following day Lama Jampa gave an extensive discourse on the Heart Sutra, the Perfection of Wisdom, at Yeshe Nyingpo Los Angeles.

At the request of Bodhi Path, Lama Jampa and family travelled to Santa Barbara on Tuesday evening where he gave a public teaching on The Parting From the Four Attachments.

The final weekend was spent at Ewam Choden, the Sakya centre of Lama Kunga Thartse Rinpoche in Berkeley. This was the second time that Lama Jampa had been invited to teach there and this was a joyous occasion. The subject of the teaching was the Seven Points of Mind Training. Lama Jampa will return to Ewam Choden in April 2015 to continue with this text.

Lama Jampa and family returned to London on Sunday November 2.IMG_1702 IMG_0341 IMG_0233