Arriving at Inner Freedom – Lama Jampa gives Public Talk in Bath


On Thursday 2nd October in Bath’s glorious Assembly Rooms, nearly 200 people joined Sakya Buddhism Bath to hear Lama Jampa’s clear and definitive presentation of the Buddhist path to inner freedom.


The audience included established sangha, friends from our introductory meditation sessions, along with other appreciative residents of the city. We were also joined by some special guests: the Right Worshipful the Mayor of Bath (Councillor Cherry Beath) and the Mayor’s Consort (Mr Richard Beath), and the local writer and broadcaster, Bel Mooney (see photo below).


During the evening, Lama Jampa described why freedom does not lie outside us, but instead is found right here and now, present as the very nature of our mind. To realise this, we need to start where we are by developing renunciation through meditating on the Four Thoughts that Turn the Mind to Dharma and then through such practices as love, moral behaviour, compassion and insight, finally fulfil our buddha nature. There was also time for questions on topics as diverse at karma, materialism and the nature of the self.

This public event hosted by Bath Sakya Buddhism will hopefully spark off a good deal more interest in the Buddhadharma amongst residents in and around Bath.