Lama Jampa teaches in Los Angeles

pic 2Earlier this month Lama Jampa visited Los Angeles to bestow a series of teachings.
On 11 April, Lama Jampa gave a public talk in Santa Monica on the topic of Overcoming Obstacles. The well attended talk saw Lama Jampa answer questions from the audience on a varied range of dharma topics.

The weekend of 12 to 13 April saw Lama Jampa give a series of teachings hosted by Sakya Samten Ling. On the Saturday Lama Jampa taught Parting from the Four Attachments, one of the most famous and prized teachings of the Sakya tradition of Tibetan Buddhism.

On the Sunday, Lama Jampa bestowed the initiation of Green Tara from the lineage of Atisha. Meditation on Green Tara is one of the most widely practised in Tibetan Buddhism. The goddess herself is the embodiment of the liberating activity of all the buddhas. As such her initiation and meditation are especially effective means of awakening one’s innate capacity for enlightened compassion.

Lama Jampa subsequently left for Mexico on 14 April where, hosted by the Sakya Dolma Ling sangha, he is bestowing a number of teachings.

Lama Jampa will return to Los Angeles later this year.