Lama Jampa Thaye teaches in Yorkshire

Camera Upload - 03.14 122On Saturday, March 1st, the Yorkshire sangha were fortunate to host Lama Jampa on his Spring visit to the Yorkshire Region. Harrogate Grammar School again proved a spacious and welcoming venue for this event.
Lama Jampa continued to teach from One Hundred Pieces of Advice to the People of Dingri, giving extensive explanations of both meditation and the correct view.  The morning’s teachings contained advice which was directly relevant both to individuals new to dharma practice and to more established practitioners.

Lama Jampa also performed the Refuge ceremony for several new members of the Yorkshire sangha and in the afternoon, bestowed the Initiation of Manjusri Lion’s Roar.

Lama Jampa will complete the transmission of Dampa Sanjay’s text on his next visit to Yorkshire this Autumn. Meanwhile, a study group will commence on the ‘Hundred Pieces of Advice’ at the Harrogate Centre, from 9.30 every Saturday morning, followed by a session of tranquility meditation at 11am.