Lama Jampa Thaye at Conference on Padmasambhava

On Saturday, 14 September Lama Jampa Thaye delivered a paper on Sakya perspectives on Padmasambhava and his legacy at a Conference organised by the Shang Shung Institute. The Institute was founded by Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche, the distinguished Dzok Chen master and scholar. It brought together some of the world’s foremost experts on the field of Tibet and Padmasambhava.
Scholars attending included Dr Cathy Cantwell and Dr Rob Mayer both from the University of Oxford and Lama Orgyen Rigzin Dorje, as well as scolars from  Italy and Germany,
Lama Jampa gave a wide-ranging overview of the interaction between Padmasambhava, his legacy (principally the Nyingmapa tradition) and the Sakya tradition. Lama Jampa highlighted Padmasambhava’s prophecy of the coming of the first three of the Five Founding Fathers of the Sakya tradition and also explored Sakya Pandita’s detailed analysis of aspects of the Nyingmapa tradition in his famed book, The Elucidation of the Three Vows. Lama Jampa also highlighted the prominence of the Khon family (heads of the Sakya tradition) within the history of the Nyingmapa tradition, evidenced by the fact that Khon Lui Wangpo was one of the first seven Tibetans to receive monastic ordination from Shantirakshita in the 8th Century CE.

photo by Mike Farmer