Ladder of Enlightenment – new collection of spiritual songs

We are delighted to announce the publication of a collection of spiritual songs by Bongsar Jamyang Tenphel called “Ladder of Enlightenment”.

Bongsar Jamyang Tenphel (1860–1921), was a Kagyu yogin and poet from Kham, the eastern province of Tibet, whose life and work recall the example of his great eleventh century Kagyu forebear, Milarepa. This collection brings together several of his spiritual songs, or dohas, as well as compositions sent to him by the celebrated Kagyu scholar and yogin, Khenchen Tashi Ozer (1836–1910). The collection is pervaded by the atmosphere of meditative practice, expressing the insights of mahamudra and ati-yoga with marvellous simplicity and intensity and speaks directly to those who cherish the spiritual life.

Lama Jampa Thaye will give the reading transmission (Tib. lung) for the collection at his next teachings in Bristol (on 11 May) and Manchester (6/7 July). Copies will be available for purchase at these teachings, as well as in Dechen Centre shops and from

We are also delighted to announce the publication of the new Portuguese edition of Lama Jampa’s book, Rain of Clarity. Copies are available to purchase via