His Holiness Sakya Trizin: recent activities

His Holiness Sakya Trizin has been bestowing the initiation cycle “Wangya Norbu Tringwa”. This initiation cycle was requested by a number of Gelukpa lamas, including Lama Zopa rinpoche.

His Holiness officially opened the Sakya Nunnery Shedra in September. Located in Manduwala, India, the Shedra will initially have twenty nuns in residence.

In mid November His Holiness will be going to Lumbini, the birthplace of Lord Buddha in Nepal for the annual Sakya Monlam. This occasion will also celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of His Holiness’ accession to the Sakya throne.

Further information on His Holiness’s recent activities can be found at His Holiness’s official website.