Lama Jampa Thaye teaches in Bristol

On Saturday 3 October Lama Jampa Thaye taught the third part of Geshe Se Chilbupa’s commentary on the Seven Points of Mind Training. This text is a detailed yet direct account of the mind training teachings of the Kadampas. The third part of the text focused on the importance of cherishing others over oneself and honestly examining one’s own conduct.

At the end of the teaching Lama Jampa took some time to explain how all the teachings that we receive form part of a structured path and emphasised the importance of understanding, in general terms, the stages on this path. Lama Jampa then walked through the chapter headings of Rain of Clarity, which provides a concise account of this structured path.

Understanding this structure is extremely useful preparation for receiving major initiations such as the Kalachakra, which H.H. Sakya Trizin will be bestowing in June 2010.