Lama Jampa Teachings at Bodhi Path

Lama Jampa recently completed a two week visit of the United States to gives teachings at Bodhi Path, a group of Karma Kagyu Buddhist centers founded by Shamar Rinpoche.

The visit included centers in New York, Washington DC and Chicago, the island of Martha’s Vineyard and the main Bodhi Path center in the beautiful countryside of Natural Bridge, Virginia, located in the Shenandoah valley between the Blue Ridge and Alleghany Mountains.

The tour began in Martha’s Vineyard on October 14 with a public teaching “Wise Compassion: Getting Love and Compassion Right”. Then that weekend Lama Jampa gave two days of teachings at Bodhi Path on the Shentong Madhyamaka to the local sangha.

37 Practices of a Buddha’s Child in NYC

Lama Jampa then travelled to New York City to teach the first half of The 37 Practices of a Buddha’s Child at the Bodhi Path center. Composed in the 14th century by the great hermit and scholar Thogme Zangpo, this text serves as a wonderful introduction to dharma. Lama Jampa said, “it touches the hidden spot. Utterly uncompromising, one cannot avoid examining one’s preconceptions and errors against the truth of the dharma.”


Mind Training Lojong teachings at Bodhi Path

For the rest of the visits in Virginia, Washington DC and Chicago Lama Jampa gave teachings and meditation transmissions from the Seven Points of Mind Training, or Lojong, in Tibetan.

These famous teachings were brought to Tibet by the great Indian Buddhist master Atisha, and consist of pithy, practical instructions to transform our ordinary, deluded and self-clinging mind into the mind of enlightenment, or Bodhicitta.

The teachings were particularly valuable because Shamar Rinpoche had transmitted the Seven Points, and commentary by the 5th Sharmapa Konchok Yenlak, to Lama Jampa shortly before he passed away in 2014.

Accordingly, Lama Jampa took great care to teach the oral explanations and meditation instructions he had received from Sharmapa, especially as they included the very special teachings on sutra Mahamudra meditation found only in the Kagyu tradition.

In this way the students had a very special opportunity to receive both a detailed commentary on the Seven Points and the key meditation practices of the Kagyu lineage, empowering them to apply the incredible transformative power of the ‘mind training’ practices into their everyday lives.