Lama Jampa Thaye’s visit to Yorkshire, 9 to 10 May

IM2A0414 copyLama Jampa recently visited Yorkshire to give a weekend of teachings hosted by Kagyu Dechen Dzong. In the morning of 9 May Lama Jampa taught the Eight Verses of Mind Training, a teaching on the essence of Mahayana composed by Geshe Langri Thangpa. This work is one of the most celebrated spiritual teachings in Tibetan Buddhism. It offers us a method of transforming adverse circumstances into positive aspects of the path of awakening compassion. Lama Jampa used the commentary composed by Geshe Chekawa.
In the afternoon of 9 May Lama Jampa bestowed the initiation of Chenrezik. Chenrezik is revered in all traditions of Buddhism as the supreme embodiment of compassion. Lama Jampa gave the Initiation of Chenrezik from the Sky Dharma collection of Mingyur Dorje and also gave the transmission for the sadhana composed by Thangtong Gyalpo, which is performed regularly at Dechen centres.

On the Sunday morning, in the pleasant surroundings of The Old Swan Hotel, Lama Jampa fielded questions on the dharma from local sangha and newcomers to the dharma. Lama Jampa will be back in Harrogate this Autumn, when he will teach the Four Dharmas of Gampopa, a concise synopsis of the path of practice, and also bestow the Initiation of Amitabha.

Lama Jampa will shortly be travelling to Mexico to give teachings at the request of Sakya Dolma Ling.

Morning with Lama Jampa at the Old Swan Hotel copy copy Initiation of Chenrezik